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World of saunas, sun and salt

Enter and feel the singularity of the space saturated with salt and sun, visit a complex of saunas with therapeutic inhalation that will ensure a unique natural therapy. A unique atmosphere of the herbal steam bath and Finnish saunas together with therapeutic power of natural salts means a harmonic connection of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and halotherapy.  

Feel the contrast of cold and warm and enjoy clean scented air, play of colours and shadows, silence and agreeable music. Surrender to warm sunshine that will make your skin glow with light bronze tones in cold winter and autumn days. In the heart of the complex, you may find the spring of local medicinal water.

Steam sauna

Steam-bath resembles the sauna. However, its climate is different - it is much more humid and not so hot. The body does not heat up so fast as in the sauna and the air humidity reaches almost 100 %. The effect of the warm steam bath increases if steam is enriched with essential oil from eucalyptus or other healing substances. This ensures an optimum environment for effective treatment of airways difficulties and overall relaxation.


Finnish sauna

One of the oldest natural techniques contributing to good health and relaxation. Combination of a small closed room and hot air with a minimum humidity and the temperature of 90 °C heats up the whole body.



Salt therapy - Halotherapy

Part of the complex of saunas is a salt panel that saturates surrounding air with salt. Now, it is not necessary to go to sea, it suffices to sit down comfortably, to listen to the music of flowing water and to let the powerful force of salt act.



Solar meadow

The solar meadow is a novelty in the area of relaxation. It brings warming up of the organism, relaxation of muscles and slow sunbathing. Except for sunbathing, the solar meadow will strengthen your health and the overall vitality of the organism.

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