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Our beauty salon uses the La Chèvre and Le Chaton cosmetic products. 

Beauty services

Our beauty salon uses the La Chèvre and Le Chaton cosmetic products.  La Chèvre and Le Chaton is a brand of natural cosmetics with their main component being the bioactive hempseed oil. It is excellent for treatment of both young and aging skin.


Care of feet is as important as care of hands and nails. Our feet are exposed to adverse conditions throughout any daily activity. They are often closed in tight shoes for more than ten hours a day and they sweat and overheat. Feet get tired more quickly and their skin becomes rough and cracking. Our clients are often complaining about the feeling of heavy feet that is caused by retention of body fluids in tissues.


Women are caring of their hands already for many centuries. They always tried to have clean hands, to treat them, beautify and decorate them. This includes beautiful nails that are a must of each modern woman. The manicure has therefore become an inseparable part of life in today’s world and today, it concerns also men. Our hands tell much about us. Any person with whom we speak notices them.  A regular manicure can help us keep our hands in a good condition.

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