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Harmony dream

Try the magic of an ancient wisdom in connection with the latest knowledge of the present. The Harmony Dream is a combination of unique procedures and functions that help to regulate your metabolism, eliminate muscular and vascular tension, reduce stress and stimulate senses and so to prevent illnesses.

Harmony Dream and its functions

  • Steam bath
  • Aromatherapy
  • Vichy shower
  • Vibration massage
  • Infrared sauna / aroma
  • Chromotherapy
  • Music therapy

Steam bath

Steam bath helps clean skin and encourages its elasticity and tonus. During remineralising therapies it increases the ability to intake minerals and efficiency of application of active means. Warmth and humidity increase efficiency of the procedure and absorption of active substances from packs, mud and oil. Steam bath may be combined with infrared sauna, aromatherapy and vibration massage. Steam bath is relaxing and rejuvenating.


We use 100% natural essential oils encouraging good health. You may choose from various essential oils. Their scent induces the feeling of relaxation, vitality and energy. Aromatherapy is able to suppress stress or weaken appetite for food. It may also be used for inhalation of medicinal substances. Aromatherapy allows stimulating metabolism and immune system.

Vichy shower

The Vichy shower is an ideal system for remineralising treatment of the whole body and therapeutic water massage. While during hydrotherapy this procedure takes place in water, this procedure acts on the body from above. Water with changing temperature and pressure is flowing from many jets as an intense and agreeably warm rain. The Vichy shower is applied in a recumbent position on a vibration table. The Vichy shower may be applied to a person lying on the chest, back and either side.

Vibration massage

Vibration massage is a therapeutic massage causing an immediate feeling of relaxation, suppressing stress and alleviating pain. The massage accelerates metabolic processes and improves functions of skin, muscles and internal organs. The massage is performed on an inserted vibration table that is located over a hydromassage tub. The vibration frequency may be regulated – from soft to more intensive, from fast to long, slow or deeply penetrating vibrations. The vibration table is also used for the traditional massage or for treatment of skin with an anti-cellulite thermoactive pack, peat pack, wax packs, etc.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna uses infrared light in form of heat radiation - so called “dry” heat enters through the skin to the depth up to 4 cm. The entire surface of the body accepts the soothing warmth that relieves fatigue. Toxic substances are eliminated from the body due to higher sweating. Increased intake of nutrients rich in oxygen encourages regeneration, rejuvenation and renewal of cells and skin structures. The radiation heat relieves cold, aching muscles, stiff articulations and soft tissues. It helps accelerate the recovery process. The infrared sauna strengthens cardiovascular system, because the heart is pumping blood faster and, similarly to a cardiovascular training, increases the energy output of the organism and helps reduce fat. This therapy using radiation heat relieves stiffness and pain of musculoskeletal system connected with ageing.


“All that lives, lives in light. All that exists, radiates light. All things derive their lives from light, and this light itself is, at its root, alive.” Paracelsus ...

The light and the colour are two basic concepts inseparably connected with our lives as they are a source of energy and life impulses and therefore the basis of a beautiful life in harmony and health. The light and the colours influence our existence, because they are phenomena that move our minds and colour our moods and life energy.

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