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History of the resort

Until the end of the 17th century, there was a spa in the Včelný forest belonging to the town. There were several medicinal springs in the forest and, in the middle of the 18th century, a chapel of Virgin Mary was built in their vicinity. A small forest pub was built later next to the poor spa building with two wooden bathtubs, heating equipment and necessary furniture (leased to the spa manager).

In the 1870s, the spa building was connected with the pub, a restaurant and an accommodation facility, which made from Studánka a small climatic spa resort for prolonged stay of summer guests. The resort became almost immediately a favourite place of the cream of society, e.g. writers, university professors or physicians. 

Some of them used to return regularly and were bringing with them other persons longing for quietness in this lonely place in the forest. At the end of the 19th century, the social and cultural life of the town was spreading more and more in the natural environment of Studánka. The Dalibor society used to organise concerts here, grammar school alumni used to organise their reunions here, various kinds of ceremonies as well as sporting events, competitions, exhibitions and fashion parades used to take place here.

The Studánka cooperative founded in 1907 built a playground here financed from earnings from its activity. The local branch of the Czechoslovak Tourist Club, founded after 1880, looked after development of Studánka. In 1930, the municipality financed a huge reconstruction of the main building according to projects of architect František Šíma and expanded the restaurant by adding a vast modern hall. At this time, the spa had closed for the third time and the medicinal effect of water was replaced by healthy forest climate, delicious meals and drink of a different type.

Modern history and MATRIX a.s.

In 2006, the hotel, the villa and adjacent land were acquired by MATRIX a.s. One of conditions of sale was reconstruction of the premises and preservation of their original function and free access of the public. The project developed from the first study to the complete project documentation in mid-2008. The project was granted a building permit and a subsidy from the NUTS II “Severovýchod” operational programme.

In summer 2008, the original hotel building was completely demolished due to its poor statics. The general contractor of the reconstruction, selected in the consequent competitive bidding, became the company PRIMA, s.r.o. from Hradec Králové.

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