Relaxation for women and men

Relax, strengthen your health, enjoy. Relaxation at Studánka will be appreciated by women and men of all ages and professions. Ideally, you can complement it with a trip to one of the numerous interesting places in the area.


640,- Kč / 1 person


  • Pool world + whirlpool, + Kneipp path 75 minutes
  • Sauna + steam box + relaxation in the rest room 120 minutes


Swimming pool

Take a dip in the bath pool with a water temperature of 27 degrees and let yourself be pampered by the fountain, massage jets and counter-current, which will relax your muscles, joints and strengthen your cardiovascular system. At the end, you can relax your muscles in the spacious water loungers.

Hot tub

Do you love a hot bath and a massage at the same time? Do you need to relieve pain and recharge lost energy? Then our whirlpool bathtub is just for you. The massage effect of the whirlpool together with the hot water brings the possibility of perfect relaxation to strained and tense muscles. Staying in warm water together with a massage stimulates the production of endorphins (i.e. the hormone of happiness that causes a good mood and feelings of happiness) and as a result of which pain is reduced.

A world of saunas, relaxation and salt

Enter and feel the uniqueness of the space with the salt lamp and the sauna complex together with therapeutic inhalation, which will guarantee you a unique natural treatment. The unique atmosphere of the steam bath, Finnish saunas and the healing power of natural salt combine a harmonious combination of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Let the contrasts of cold and heat stand out, enjoy the fragrant air, the play of colors and shadows, silence and pleasant music.