Lavender relaxation

Lavender has the ability to calm our mind and solve various conditions that we would otherwise have a hard time managing.


1.690,- Kč / 1 person

  • Lavender bath 20 minutes
  • Lavender massage 20 minutes
  • Dry wrap 20 minutes
  • Paraffin hand wrap 30 minutes
  • A small gift with the scent of lavender


Lavender bath

A lavender bath calms and relaxes the body overall. It has a positive effect on depression, general exhaustion and a feeling of mental tension. A pleasantly scented bath will wash away everyday worries and stress.

  • relieves headaches
  • relieves mental tension
  • generally soothes the body
  • It has a positive effect on depression
  • treats some forms of eczema
  • helps in the treatment of rheumatic problems
  • eliminates walking leg syndrome

Lavender massage

A relaxing lavender massage is especially suitable for relaxing after a busy day and before going to bed. The essential lavender oil used in this massage calms the nerves and helps in falling asleep.

Dry wrap

After the massage, the guest does not shower or wipe the skin, only relaxation in a dry wrap follows.

Lavender paraffin hand wrap

  • Inflammatory joint disease
  • rheumatism
  • to suppress pain

Lavender scent

The fresh scent of its flowers will enchant everyone.