Herbal caress

A deep relaxing massage using herbs will relax your body and mind. It dissolves and flushes impurities from the body and stimulates both vascular and lymphatic circulation. Massage with herbs in a natural way supports the healing power of nature and enhances the improvement of the skin condition.


1.890,- Kč / 1 person

  • Herbal bubble bath with an additive 20 minutes
  • Relaxation massage with herbal oil for 10 minutes
  • Relaxation massage with herbal sealers 20 minutes
  • Dry wrap 20 minutes
  • A small aromatic gift


Massage using herbal pouches is a method aimed at enhancing the effects of the massage itself. Individual pouches are made up of a mixture of herbs, which are heated in steam with a gradual release of medicinal substances and are absorbed into the body by means of massage.

Bath with aromatic mixture

Herbs from the Eagle Mountains help to wash away stress and tension after strenuous days. After the bath itself, the skin remains pleasantly delicately scented. You can feel the aftertaste of the herbal caress.