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Tips for trips

If you are lovers of culture and history, the Studánka hotel is the right choice for you – in its environs, there are many important monuments and other ideal trip destinations. You may get more information about the most favourite ones below and at the end of the page, there is a general list with links to individual monuments.

1. Castle Potštejn

The castle was built by Jean Louis Harbuval Chamaré in 1746 – 1749. In 1945, it was nationalised from the Dobrzensky family based on the Beneš decrees and it was used as a training centre of the Revolutionary Union Movement during the communism.


2. Castle zámek

A Renaissance jewel with a coffered ceiling in the Knights’ Hall, a very well maintained 42ha English park on the junction of the Bělá river and the Štědrý creek, a restored rose and water garden and a mini zoo.


3. Castle Doudleby nad Orlicí

Interiors of the Renaissance castle from 1588 underwent important changes in the early Baroque period. The one-storey buildings have an enclosed four-wing arrangement surrounding a courtyard; at the entrance into the castle, there is is a late Renaissance portal and a hexagonal tower with an imperial dome.


4. Castle Opočno

The Opočno castle is the second most visited castle in Bohemia (the first one is the Hluboká castle). The castle is first mentioned in the Cosmas’ Chronica Boemorum from 1068. During almost one thousand years, the castle has changed many owners and custodians. Among the most important ones belong the house of Trčka (turn of the 17th century) and their descendants, the house of Colloredo.


5. Church in Neratov

Soon, reconstruction of this Baroque Marian church situated on the border with Poland will be finished. The church used to be visited by thousands of pilgrims and by believers from 17 villages only from the Polish Klodzko territory. The church was damaged during the communist era. The reworked project copies the original shape of roof, only above the presbytery, a part of roof is glazed (the idea of openness towards the sky).


6. Observation tower Vrbice

This 29,5 m high wooden tower with a spiral staircase from steel and observation platforms in 11 and 25 meters is situated in the vicinity of the Kastel hill. It serves as a touristic attraction from 2004. The Regional Development Agency of the Glacensis Euroregion participated on preparation works. The new observation tower built mostly of wood was designed by architect Antonín Olšina from Vysoké Mýto. 


Other tips for trips

Rychnov nad Kněžnou

The Orlické Mountains



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