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Rooms - Accommodation

Take a room seasoned with a local legend where the colours and the fable are in harmony and dive into one of local stories. You may choose from rooms called “Water sprite”, “Kingdom of Fables”, Three cats” and many others.

All the rooms comply with a three and four-star accommodation standards and they include: own bathroom facilities, Wi-Fi Internet connection, LCD TV sets, minibar, safe.

Room Hruška ***

Three-star rooms named after favourite Czech fruit (pear) offer, in addition to our standard hotel equipment, a balcony and a desk.

Room Sv. Liborius ****

St. Liborius is a four-star room with all the comfort that allows you enjoying properly your stay. In addition to standard equipment of Studánka hotel rooms, these rooms offer a desk and a balcony. 

Two bedroom suite Sv. Hubert ****

Book a two-bedroom suite St. Hubert and enjoy a four-star comfort. The room is equipped with a LCD TV set, Wi-Fi connection and other standard equipment that allows you relaxing in comfortable bedrooms. 

Suite Sv. Václav ****

You will remember accommodation in the suite of a patron saint of the Czech country St. Wenceslas for a long time. The excellent architectural design and colour harmony will make your stay pleasant and you will feel luxury glowing from each corner of your new temporary home. 

Presidential suite Panna na jelenu

The Panna na jelenu (Virgin on a Deer) is a really luxurious room suitable for important business meetings or well-deserved holiday. The bedroom and the living room with their large beds and armchairs are eradiating an intensive comfort. 


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